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Re Gover

Realization of your governance

Every organization has its own strategy and company structure to achieve its business goals. Governance is about guiding and controlling the organization in the right direction. In this sense it is less important to what extent the strategy and the structure have been firmly implemented. Very important are the criteria by which choices can be made how to guide and control a company. Larger organizations recognize the importance of developing, and implementation of a strategy and a governance. Those kind of organizations have more stakeholders and are more complex to guide and control by nature. But for each organization, large or small, is it very important that every stakeholder knows the contribution in defining the company’s policy and that they are aware of their role in the realization of this policy. Your governance: to provide trust and awareness in the existing and future governance. Followed by the implementation of this to be governance structure, in a way the company goals and personal objectives can be achieved.

Reg Over

Control over…

More and more organizations choose to focus only on their core business and external specialists facilitate the supporting functions. These are the first steps towards a form of sourcing construction. How these external specialists are being managed is often not properly thought over. As a result the company loses control over the sourced processes. The desired result of the (out / in / co) sourcing in relation to the company’s strategy is not optimal or not achieved at all because the sourcing is not based on an agreed plan. The ablity to make choices in managing the company, needs awareness and the implementation of the necessary changes. Only then true control over the supporting pr0cesses and a connection with the objectives of the organization will be achieved. The sourcing strategy must be supported from the top management and implemented and supported by all organizational layers. By reaching out on a strategic level, the achievement of the company’s goals are the most likely (eg lower costs, higher flexibility, higher quality).



Recover from outsourcing

Outsourcing is frequently used to reduce the cost of products and services in an organization. In many cases outsourcing is also meant to improve quality of those products and services. A third reason for outsourcing is that a company wants to focus more on its core activity. The truth however is often, unfortunately, much tougher… The expectations of the implementation and the results of outsourcing, differ practically always between the organization (client) and the supplier. The client organization has issues with aspects like flexibility, continuity and financial results. If client and supplier are not supportive to each other in adjusting and fine-tuning of the agreements, the final step is that the signed contract is dusted off…Then it is too late. The next phase is to restore the governance in the own organization, with help and support of the supplier to deliver what is needed, to reinstate the governance. In order to restore a win-win situation for both, client and supplier, it is necessary to synchronize both organizations on a governance level, in such a way that both companies will meet the business objectives.