Our portfolio

Regover services organizations that are in a process of taking a next professional step in realizing their strategy with a result driven governance. Regover strongly believes in a lasting partnership, the benefits of a good relationship and awareness of the mutual added value. Momentarily we have relationships in following markets: Finance, healthcare, media and (central) government.

Regover is your partner to make your sourcing strategy operational. We can support you in defining a complete sourcing strategy and assist you with the realization, by:

  • Defining the business case,
  • Selecting of a, fit for purpose, management team
  • Selecting the most suitable sourcing partner, combined with the best sourcing model.

We can setup the best team possible and with this team we can change the governance of the operational organization to the changed, wanted situation

Regover has partnerships with multiple parties that deliver added value to the portfolio of programs and projects with specific methodologies and tools.

Working together – Cooperation platform

Core business focus makes the cooperation between internal and external parties a critical success factor. Making cooperation work is not the result of agreements and working arrangements only. Continuous guidance and operational implementation support are elements which need to be addressed as well.

Regover offers with the Cooperation platform an instant operational tool improving the effectiveness of collaboration between contracting parties.

Demand organizations may use the tool to shape and model their own governance and effective cooperation with multiple providers. Service providers may use the tool to shape and model their own governance and effective cooperation with multiple demand organizations. In both situations the tool provides support and added value to both sides of the cooperation. The success of the cooperation is paramount and contributes equally to both sides in achieving results and objectives.

The Cooperation platform offers demand organizations and suppliers the opportunity to measure the amount of knowledge transferred. The development of the knowledge level on aspects such as content, contracts and objectives will directly influence the quality of service.

The platform facilitates the focus on the core business. The success of the cooperation creates room for development of employees, the organization and the supply chain.


Read more in our white paper about Working Together.

Governance Maturity Check

With the Governance Maturity Check we assist companies to assess the organization to what extent the IT operation is still aligned with the strategic goals. It gives an overview of the maturity of the business process approach of the organization. It will validate your sourcing strategy and it will validate the contribution of external parties in achieving your business goals. The Governance Maturity Check is based on “knowledge is power”. By request we can provide an overview of the desired competences in the organization.


Rightsource provides a working process to position the right man in the right place, in a timeframe where labor is increasingly a flexible component. Current processes for recruitment and retention of the right workforce are less effective. The question arises how long can an organization wait to change this very important process. We are ready to help you in answering that question.

Regover is specialized in:

  • IT governance
  • (desiging and implementing of) governance and demand/supply organizations
  • Recovery of outsourcing (calibration of the outsourcing relationship)
  • Portfolio management
  • HR sourcing strategy and implementation
  • Out- and insourcing of IT and business processes
  • IT migrations
  • Integrated IT delivery: local delivery – near shoring – offshoring